Cartier Tank louis watch series is a perfect interpretation of the geometry of a series Cartier

Cartier is the world’s leading luxury brands, while the watch is Cartier carrying an area famous, with top notch technology and design techniques, Cartier watches continue to surprise the world. And people who know the Cartier must know Cartier Tank louis watch series, this series originated during the first world war, until now, has a history of nearly a century, with Cartier’s innovative spirit, the spirit of striving for excellence, brings to the world a century square watch legend.
Cartier Tank louis watch

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Cartier Tank louis watch series is a perfect interpretation of the geometry of a series Cartier, in patchwork structure matching modern arc, subtly a seemingly contradictory mix of collision geometry shapes, to create a distinctive style style watch. First tank watch, has a unique vertical lugs, Roman hour markers, minute-track as well as elegant Apple pin, clean lines, contour, laid the basic models of tank series.

Cartier Tank louis watch series classic models, Cartier diamond distinct features compared with the earlier, softer lines, angles are rounded, vertical lugs terminal extension are treated as rounded corners, and integrate into the idea of jewelry watches, Crown inlay on a blue gem, echoing the classic blue steel needle. With the passage of time, Cartier Tank louis watch mens is no longer willing to do basic reading functions of the watch, decorated with simple function, or calendar to display, or side stencil designs, or decorated with Diamond Bezel, Crown, through a variety of small details, creating a different kind of watches.

The classic of Cartier Tank Louis watch yellow gold

Louis. Cartier creating the first gold Tank Watch in 1917,a legend was born.Samples of the first Tank Watch, presented the General Pershing, then in 1919 formally introduced to the market.

The vertical lugs integrated with case flat, sharp edges, embodies the Cartier Tank Louis watch yellow gold unique aesthetic.Simple and pure lines, showing the attitude of freedom of spirit and grace. As a model for, and persistent interpretation of Tank watches, but has always maintained its own unique feature.

Cartier tank louis watch yellow gold
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Cartier Tank Louis watch yellow gold is a masterpiece of Tank Watch family. Its rectangular design, clean lines, rounded corner tables ear, a symbol of Louis.Cartier for contemporary style made contributions. Later known as art deco.